How to inspect for a Home Termite Problem

You think you hear termites in you walls. You swear to your husband that your home has a termite problem. He says you are fine, just a little paranoid. You go back to sleep but you are still worried. Does your home have a termite infestation?

Here in Auburn alabama we see an uptick in termites every year. Often times people get paranoid that their home might be infested with termites, but they aren’t sure where to turn. Sometimes it is time to call into a professional to help, but other times you can search for a termite problem on your own. Below are some useful tips and advice that you can help you discover if you need to call Auburn Pest control to help with your termite problem.


termite problem

It is recommended that you check out this site on termite inspection which can help you better understand where to check for termites. On this site it is recommended that you search for termites once a year. This can ensure you take care of any up an coming problems before any termites spread into an infestation. Once you are inspecting check both the inside and outside of your home. Make sure to check wooden places in your home and check cracks throughout the house to make sure there aren’t any bugs hiding in there.

In addition you should make sure to do a check on the outside of the home for any termite problem. Sub-terrainian termites is the breed that lives in Auburn Alabama. They live underground making it hard to spot their nests sometimes. Make sure to check the base of your home all along the structure. What you are trying to find is mud tubes or mud along the structure. This might be a sign of something more serious.

Finally you will want to check the crawl space of your home. Be warned that you will want to have the correct protection if you are in the crawl space. Wear coveralls and a hard hat and make sure you have a flashlight on you. This will help you to stay safe.

Any signs of termites might be minimal, but it might be a sign that there is a more serious problem happening inside the walls of your home. Terminix has a post on FAQs about termites that you might be having concerns about a termite problem of your own in your home.

If you find any signs of termites in your home it might be time to call in a professional. Taking care of a termite problem can time time consuming and costly. We recommend you check out our Termite control page in which we can help you to understand your options for getting rid of termites.

We are here to help you through any problems you might be facing with Termites. Auburn Pest Control is here to help take care of any termite problems you might have. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about locating termites in your home and see if you might be at risk for termites.

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